Deploy to allows you to deploy app servers all over the world with Docker containers, build packs and nix packs.

This guide requires you to have installed Fly on your machine, you can find the instructions here .

To deploy WunderGraph to we will be using our Docker example. Go ahead and clone to the Docker repository to get started.

git clone

Once you've cloned the repo, install all dependencies.

cd docker && npm install

Now we're ready to deploy our WunderGraph app to Run the following command and follow the steps, but do not deploy yet.

flyctl launch

The Fly app will listen to port 8080 by default, we'll need to change this to 9991. Go ahead and edit fly.toml, which has just been created, change internal_port to 9991.

http_checks = []
internal_port = 9991

Now run fly deploy to deploy the app with the correct internal port.

fly deploy

After the deployment is finished, you can open the app in your browser by running the following command.

fly open

If everything went well, you should see a beautiful WunderGraph landing page.

Congrats! 🥳 You just deployed your WunderNode to

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