wundergraph.config.ts Reference

Configure .graphqlconfig

This section describes how to set up the configuration for generating the .graphqlconfig file.

This file is very important for WunderGraph to work. It tells your IDE where to look for a GraphQL schema. If this configuration is wrong, autocompletion in your IDE will not work when defining GraphQL Operations.

Example configuration

dotGraphQLConfig: {
hasDotWunderGraphDirectory: false,

By default, you don't have to set this configuration. However, you might have a project where all WunderGraph files are in the root directory and there's no .wundergraph directory. In this case, you can set hasDotWunderGraphDirectory to false.

Some IDEs, like VSCode, will not search for the .graphqlconfig file in sub directories. This means that you will have to manually move the .graphqlconfig file to the root directory and fix the path to the GraphQL Schema.

The GraphQL Schema is usually located in .wundergraph/generated/wundergraph.app.schema.graphql, with app being the name of your application, which might vary.

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