WunderGraph Docs

Learn more about how to integrate APIs and build backends with WunderGraph.

Getting Started

Tutorials & Examples

Get familiar with WunderGraph by following our quickstarts, tutorials and examples.

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In dept guides that teach you everything about how to build APIs and applications with WunderGraph.

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Learn how to use WunderGraph with Next.js.


Learn how to use WunderGraph with Vite.


Learn how to use WunderGraph with Remix.

Explore WunderGraph

Integrate APIs

Connect existing services and 3rd APIs to WunderGraph.


Create instant typesafe APIs on top of your databases.


Add authentication with to your WunderGraph API.


Add S3 compatible storage and file uploads with the WunderGraph client.

Reference Documentation

Clients reference

Official client libraries for TypeScript, React and more.

WunderGraph directory

Manage and configure your Wundergraph application.


Writing GraphQL and Typescript operations with WunderGraph.

WunderGraph CLI

Use the WunderGraph CLI to generate, build or create new projects.

Support & Community

Submit an issue

Report bugs or issues for WunderGraph Open Source.


Join our community of API enthausiasts.

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