Architecture Overview of WunderGraph

This section will cover the architecture of WunderGraph.

Architecture Diagram

Going through the Architecture Diagram is a good way to understand the different components of WunderGraph.

WunderGraph Explained in one Sequence Diagram

In addition to the Architecture Diagram, this section will help you understand how WunderGraph handles requests, as well as how the different components of WunderGraph work together.

WunderGraph RPC Protocol

If you're looking to understand WunderGraph better, or want to create an additional client for WunderGraph, reading about the RPC Protocol is a good way to start.

WunderGraph Server

Learn more about the internals of the WunderGraph server and how it empowers customization for you.

WunderGraph Conventions

There are a few conventions that you should follow when using WunderGraph. Make sure to have a look to avoid common mistakes.

Manage API Dependencies explicitly

One core differentiator between WunderGraph and other tools is that WunderGraph allows you to manage your API dependencies explicitly. What this means and how this impacts your development workflows is explained in this section.

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