Apache Thrift support

One of our main goals at WunderGraph is to make APIs more accessible.

Apache Thrift is a popular technology for exposing APIs via a binary protocol, similar to gRPC. Companies like Twitter use Thrift internally to build Microservices.

While Thrift is mostly used for services-to-services communication, what if you'd like to expose one or more Thrift APIs to the public, or you'd like to combine your Thrift APIs with other data sources?

That's where WunderGraph comes in. With the Thrift DataSource, you can add Thrift APIs to your Graph, combine and join them with other data sources, and expose them through WunderGraph's JSON-RPC API layer.

Current state

The development of the Thrift DataSource is still in "planning" stage. If you're interested in using it, please reach out to us on Discord, we'd love to hear from you!


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