Next.js Todo App

The Todo App demonstrates how to use WunderGraph with Next.js & PostgreSQL.

Key features of the App are:

  • Create, read, update, delete todos
    • Mark todos as complete
    • Reorder todos
  • Optimistic updates

Getting Started

Install the dependencies and run the complete example in one command:

npm install && npm start

After a while, a new browser tab will open, If no tab is open, navigate to http://localhost:3000 .

Running WunderGraph will automatically introspect the database and generate an API for you. You can add more Operations (e.g. Queries or Mutations) by adding more "*.graphql" files to the directory ./wundergraph/operations. Each file becomes an Operation. The Operation name is not relevant, the file name is.

Updating the Database Schema

Change the schema.prisma file and run npm run migrate %your_migration_name%, e.g. npm run migrate "add pets".


npm run cleanup

Learn More

Read the Docs .

Got Questions?

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