Next.js Todo App Example


This Todo App demonstrates how to use WunderGraph with Next.js & PostgreSQL.

Key features of the App are:

  • Create, read, update, delete todos
    • Mark todos as complete
    • Reorder todos
  • Optimistic updates

Getting Started

Install the dependencies and run the complete example in one command:

npm install && npm start

After a while, a new browser tab will open, If no tab is open, navigate to http://localhost:3000 .

Running WunderGraph will automatically introspect the database and generate an API for you. You can add more Operations (e.g. Queries or Mutations) by adding more "*.graphql" files to the directory ./wundergraph/operations. Each file becomes an Operation. The Operation name is not relevant, the file name is.

Updating the Database Schema

Change the schema.prisma file and run npm run migrate %your_migration_name%, e.g. npm run migrate "add pets".


npm run cleanup

Learn more

Deploy to WunderGraph Cloud

The easiest way to deploy your WunderGraph app is to use WunderGraph Cloud. Enable the Vercel integration to deploy the Next.js frontend to Vercel.

Deploy to WunderGraph

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