Use Cases

Find below a list of the most common use cases for WunderGraph.

Programmable API Gateway

WunderGraph is the first API Gateway that perfectly blends into the rest of your stack. We're blurring the lines between Gateway and Backend for Frontend (BFF), allowing for a much better developer experience. All configuration is done using code, and you can easily customize the Gateway using TypeScript.

API Management

The next evolution of API Management is "Gateway-less API Management". Similar to Serverless, we will still have gateways, but they are abstracted away, reducing the mental load on the developer.

Backend for Frontend

Most applications need to interact with multiple backends. Our approach is to blur the lines between API Gateway and BFF, allowing for an all new developer experience to generate BFFs with as little code as possible, while still giving you the flexibility to customize.

API Composition & Integration

Companies all around the world are picking up on going "API first". Our approach to support this is to make composition and integration of APIs as easy as possible. Each new API composition is an opportunity to enable a new use case.

Versionless APIs: Easily build backwards compatible APIs

To enable and further boost the trend of API first, it's important to be able to build backwards compatible APIs. Our take on this is to make APIs versionless. Our tooling automatically detects breaking changes, prevents you from breaking clients, and gives you a simple solution to keep your APIs backwards compatible without hindering API evolution.

Generate SDKs for all your APIs

Most API Management tools stop at the Gateway level. We provide an end-to-end solution up until the client side. While configuring your Gateway using code, you're also able to generate clients and SDKs out of the box, giving you type-safety and a great developer experience from end to end.

Centralized Governance, Monitoring, Access Controls and Logging across your APIs

Piping all your APIs, services, databases, and other resources through a single unified API layer allows you to apply security policies, monitoring and logging across all your APIs. WunderGraph gives you a single pane of glass to manage all your resources.

Enabling your Organization to become API First

Becoming API First is a great way to get your organization to the next level, enabling new ways of collaboration and help developers do more meaningful work. Check out how WunderGraph can help your organization to become API First.

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