Cloud Errors

This page contains a list of WunderGraph Cloud error codes, what they mean, and how to fix them. In the case that your problem persists, we would be happy to assist you on Discord.


Meaning: No wundergraph.config.ts file was found in your project.
Why?: Only WunderGraph applications can be deployed to WunderGraph Cloud.
Fix: Learn how to create a WunderGraph app (with common framework integrations)


Meaning: No package.json file was found in your project.
Why?: The package.json stores necessary version information for your dependencies including WunderGraph.
Fix: Make sure the package.json for your WunderGraph application was committed to your repository.


Meaning: No package manager was detected in your project, or your chosen package manager is currently unsupported.
Why?: WunderGraph currently supports npm , yarn , or pnpm .
If you think we're missing support for a popular manager, please contact us.
Fix: Make sure you're using one of the following package managers: npm, yarn, or pnpm, and that the relevant package manager files have been committed to the repository.


Meaning: No WunderGraph project root was found in your project.
Why?: The root for your WunderGraph project (path to the package.json) was not found.
Fix: If you receive this error, please contact us.

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