WunderGraph and Neon integration

How to integrate WunderGraph with Neon.

How it works

The Neon integration allows you to sync your Neon database settings with your WunderGraph projects. This integration sets the connection string of your Neon database allowing the wundernode to perform operations on it. Do note that any changes made to the connection string on the Neon dashboard are not automatically synced.


Navigate to the settings page of your desired WunderGraph project, click on the Integrations tab and click on the Connect Neon button.

Now you will be directed to Neon. You can verify the permissions that are given to WunderGraph and click Authorize.

You will then be redirected back to WunderGraph. If you are a part of multiple organizations, you will be asked to select the organization to which you want to connect with Neon. Click on Next.

Select the Neon project that you want to connect to your WunderGraph project and click Connect Projects.

The integration is now installed. 🥳

Now that the integration is installed, you can re-deploy your WunderGraph project so the configured environment variables are set.

Important Instructions

  1. WunderGraph creates a role named wundergraph-$project_id in the Neon project selected during the integration process, please do not delete or change the password of the role.
  2. WunderGraph configures a environment variable called NEON_DATABASE_URL. Please use this variable wherever you need the database url.

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